Wednesday 3 March 2010

February - Disillusioned- pressure pressure pressure

Well, February poker wise, myself and Martin headed over and played in the UKIPT in Manchester, I had no joy in the Main Event, played poorly to be honest, played a bit of cash, most of the side events and had no joy. Had a few beers with a few of the Irish over there... The events were well run in the end, and the dealing standard was much better than I expected... did however get the clock called on me, by a little shi*t who wasn't even in the hand of one the side events.... Grrrr made me mad.... I was on a decision and had only thought for about 2 minutes....

The Casino was nice, the area it was in was a bit dodgy, so there was taxi's got or else the free shuttle bus... The hotel was lovely, and the breakfast options were absolute top class, but to be honest there was no atmosphere around. Meh.

It has been an absolute disaster this month. 2 lads that I have worked with for over 15 years have been given notice, and i'm gutted for them. There is huge pressure on at the moment, and I am really beginning to feel it. Feel like my life is on hold, and i'm just terrified. I know that I should be glad that I still have a job, but it's like i'm not living.. Just going from week to week and tried to dodge the dreaded chat...... Will there be an end to this.... who knows????

Because my head is not in the right place at the moment I have become completely dissillusioned with the whole poker thing at the moment, I was in the fitz a few times over February, and just didn't want to be there. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the club, it's just me.

The beginning of the month it was a disaster, but I have started to do walks in the evening to clear my head, and I find it brilliantly, it also helps me sleep, which I was having a bit of trouble doing, so down a bit this month, at least it is going in the right direction.

God- I hope March is better

Friday 29 January 2010

January - Snow/Swimming and Wodkas

UIKPT - Manchester
January could not have started better.... Picture the scene it's New Years night, and the plan of action was that myself and Martin would head into the Fitz for the schalps madness... Freezing temperatures, snow and our estate looking like an Ice rink changed my mind. I had played a few of the $8.88 re-buys on Stars for a package to Manchester, so decided to give it a go again.... You fairly well have to run like God, ship any half decent Ace, put pressure on the short stacks if you are lucky enough to get chips, and pray a little, my nerves were in tatters when we reached the package bubble. there were 3 packages worth $2,200 to cover flights, hotel and expenses.. 4th was $450 or something to that effect. Anyway bubble burst, and large vodka taken to calm the nerves.

Then Martin gave the 9.30 p.m. game a spin, and would you believe it he wins a package as well, another batch of large Vodkas needed.

He was all with 2.5 big blinds with K6 V KQ.... have no fear 6 6 x board... and he didn't look back after that, few class comments in the Chat box between himself and Paul Marrow

Paul (CHIP LEADER) shipped into the 2nd chip leader, with Ad4d V
pocket Queens, but have no fear in typical Marrow style the flop comes
Ac 4c x x x yepee yahoo

2010 is shaping up nicely roll on February for the Game..........

Double Monday depression
Going back to work in January is like a double whammy of depression. You system is in flitters from all the gorging over crimbo, you clothes should be arrested for trying to strangle you, and you are suffering from major dt's after talking yourself into not drinking during the week. The office was like a fridge, because some gobshit forgot to set the timer for the heating to come on. brrrr.... Then the week consisted of some serious snow shower, ice - 10 degrees, lol the end is nigh.... well not quite but it was amusing. I felt like I needed a medal for just getting to work, never mind actually doing some work..

highlight of week was pouring Luke warm water to clear the window, then driving, on the M50 and it started pelting snow. The windscreen had not warmed up enough, so the snow stuck upon impact... after 2 minutes, I couldn't see anything, had to pull into hard shoulder of M50 (which had not been gritted), skidded to an eventual stop, used Visa Card to scrap the ice off window, got into car and contemplated taking up smoking again (it's only been 6 years).. Although, the driving conditions were bad, you actually got used to driving in the snow. Below was the funny bits of the week.

Griffith Avenue -

Friday 15th January
Decided to venture to Portlaoise to play in the CPT Game as I had a €100 voucher for the last longest lady lol... myself and Martin headed down to the Heritage Hotel in Portlaoise, I wasn't sure about the numbers, but it got a very respectable 61 runners with a €9050 in the prize pool with over €400 added by Ladbrokes. I actually managed to get my stack to 25K before the break and with the Add on I had 40K which was way more that my last outing to Dundalk. I also won 2 tee shirts at the break , 1 Ladbrokes and 1 Celtic poker tour, which was fun. I got knocked out eventually 21st or 22nd, and Martin went in 18th. Very enjoyable night and the lads ran a very good show.

Saturday 16th January - €125 game in the Fitz
Myself and Martin headed into this, I actually hadn't played the Saturday game in ages. My table was very funny, I was stuck with Stewie to my left and bob Battersby to my right, we had some laugh though. Anyway Bob was doing the usual, massive over raises taking small pots, then he min raised under the gun, everyone folded and he shows 9 3 off suit and chuckles.. lol... so then to the first hand of note.. Stewie was telling me how he loves 34 suited/unsuited he just loves playing it, blinds are 75 150, and Bob tries to raise to 350 utg, but is called up for a string bet, so it is 300 to go, I look down at 4h 6h and call, along with 6 other people (welcome to the fitz).

Flop comes down 3x 5x Kh rainbow, bob bets out his obligatory 500, I flat call, as does Goren in the SB and Terry. Turn is my bingo card 2h giving me the nuts with a flush re-draw. Goren bets out 1K, Bob does the obligatory dwell up and folds, I raise to 2.5 K and he ships all in, I call and he turns over A4 for the lower straight, no redraw. Then Bob announces "I had a good hand there ya know, neither of you should have been in the pot" My mind is screaming "don't min-raise if you don't want us in the pot, but I nod in agreement...

Shortly after the break, bobs stack is down to 2.5k and he ships in from the sb, blinds are 100 200, and Look at Ac7c and make the call, he turns over AdJd and chuckles.

flop comes down 10 7 2
7 on the turn, and bob is down the stairs like a gazelle muttering about luck and bad play...

So I am motoring along nicely when this russian guy gets moved to our table, he has about 50K and the blinds are only 300 600 at this stage. and proceeds to donk of half his stack in quite spectacular style

(I have 27K so doing fine)... Anyway I'm in the BB and there is a few limpers (including Mr Russia), I check my option with Q 10 offsuit..
flop comes down Q 10 2 ,
I check as does everyone around to Terry on the button who bets 1.5K, I flat
and so does a women called Bernadette, then Mr. Russia raises to 5K.. Terry dwells and folds, I announce all in, then Mr. Russia says "All in" out of turn as Bernadette is really thinking hard about calling my all in. She eventually folds reluctantly, I turn over my Q 10 for 2 pair and he flips over AK for a gut shot straight draw

I had one of those moments where I say what I'm thinking, and straight out of my mouth comes "What the f*ck are you doing??" lol,, No gutshot jack on the turn or river and I'm up to 56k.... and while I'm stacking my chips (which takes quite a while ) Bernadette tells me that she had 9 10 for the gut shot straight draw as well

I lose 20K in the next few hands with QJ v QK on a queen high board. I make it to the final table, and am struggling the whole way, to pick up any hands, and anything raises are being snapped off, eventually out in 5th for a couple of hundred. Really enjoyed the game, and with 40+ runners a week, it really is going from strength to strength

Voodoo Club Friday 22nd January Charity Game
Decided to head into play this, I haven't been to the Voodoo club in quite a while so I was looking forward to it. Willow had twisted my arm (mentioned it in passing) that she was heading to Ryans beforehand for 7 p.m, so my mind was made up and I left the car behind and headed in. It was great to Catch up with people, and there was quite a gang in Ryans. Joe the show, Willow, Eamonn..Jim Smith...The game itself was a non event really, I was at a table with Willy and Mick Stephens, good craic, but card death and mistimed moves resulted in an early exit. not to worry there was always Mythical to be played and a few trips to Ryans... Played a bit of cash and made a bit of a profit. The club had a good buzz about it and im delighted that it appears to be going from strength to strength.

JP Poker Deepstack game Molloy's Pub Saturday
Headed in and played in this. The head wasn't really right for it. Tried to order a bowl of soup at the break, as there were signs that they were serving food. The Girl behind the counter said that "We've stopped serving food because it didn't work out"mmm wonder what happened, did people annoy them by ordering stuff, meh. Waited til the main break and got a chicken sandwich and bowl of fruit at the break from the local Centra. Although the guy behind the counter thought I was trying to rob the place, well it seemed that way by his reaction when I asked if I could get a coffee "Too late for stuff like that, he barked".. double Meh... The game itself was a constant struggle, and I eventually ran my AJ into KJ and we know the rest. Brilliant game, unreal structure and ran smoothly as ever.

Fitzwilliam End of Month Tournament
You can register online for all Fitzwilliam tournaments now, and details can be found on this thread. I have been doing alot of swimming and gym work this week, and was a bit wrecked, but talked myself into heading into play in this. It got an amazing crowd of and the place was absolutely buzzing, with 151 runners , generating a prizepool of €37,750. My starting table was a bit mad, the raises were ridiculously large, and example being blinds 25 50 , raised to 500.... and I was completely card dead, in fact the best hand I had was AJ, no pocket pairs, not even bleedin pocket 2's and my best hand was also my exit hand (AJ no good V A2 sooted) aI felt that the last few E.O.M. tournaments that I have brought my Z game so tonight I was determined to concentrate and basically not do something moronic, but alas card death and empathy ended my run. The cash game then saw me running Kings into Aces and a flopped set of 6's double sigh. I changed tables and managed to get myself out of the monstrous hole that I had dug for myself... (lucky),

I reckon that if you could lose weight by putting you gym/swim gear in you car I would be 7 stone but like many things in life, it's just not that simple..... I headed back to my weight management Clinic the first week in January and I had put on a good bit of weight over Christmas.. (well most of December so I had a good run at it), so it was time to knuckle down. don't get me wrong, I enjoyed every minute of it, and actually worked quite hard at having a few drinks most nights, over the month of December.

I went swimming 4 nights in 2nd week of January, it was very tough, but I managed to work myself up to doing 30 lengths of the pool without stopping.

The 3rd week I incorporated some gym work into it. Started with 30 minute walk on the thread mill followed by the swim and jacuzzi. I will probably add in a few things each week, but there is no point in killing myself initially, so the month of January ended up good for me. I lost most of the weight I had put on over Crimbo. Yes it was tough, but at least I don't have to get my clothes arrested for trying to strangle me....

Anyway I have set a realistic goal for myself, and split up my weight loss into groups of 7 IIbs at a time..... blah blah blah, it must be January, cause Smurph is shit talking about weight loss again.

Anyways on another point, many moons ago in a faraway land I printed a recipe for Butternut squash soup, as below

Butternut squash & Red Pepper soup I know strange, but it is gorgeous.
I know your going blah blah blah but try it out, its really nice.
You basically peel it and chop it. There are seeds in the middle like what you find in melon.
Anyway the recipe.
1 Butternut squash
1 large onion
2 red peppers
2 Knorr vegetable stock cubes

Peel and chop the onion, butternut squash and the red pepper and put into a saucepan of boiling Vegetable stock (about 1.5 pints) (made up of 2 Knorr stock cubes) bring to boil and then simmer for 15 - 20 Min's (until the butternut squash is soft).
Whack in a blender to blend, finished.
It is really sweet tasting and no fat in it at all.

But now I have found a way of making it even nicer, roast the Butternut squash and red peppers in the over for about 25 minutes, make up the stock and cook the Onions in the stock for about 10 minutes. add the roasted vegetable, and whack the lot in a blender, and you have even nicer soup, cause the roasted vegetable taste comes out. I know....... sad cow......(but don't knock it til you've tried it)

Anyway enough of this waffle, all I can say about January is Thank Christ it's over, now roll on February, and roll off the weight

Wednesday 30 December 2009


The Run into Christmas
After the Fitz festival I took a break from Cards, well about 2 weeks to be precise, it also coincided with my back and neck giving me a bit of grief... few trips to the Chiropractor and the best invention yet Bio freeze. I had been in the Fitz playing Wednesday night through to Saturday night, and I was wrecked, and a bit sick of cards to be honest.

Friday 11th December- Office night out
As there was no Company Christmas party this year (just happy to have a job to be honest), we arranged that the gang in the office head for a Meal and pay ourselves. I decided to bite the bullet and recommended Chaiyo in Baggot Street, as I had been there before with Martin and we both thought it was a great little spot. It is also owned by Frank Murphy, a regular Poker player from the Fitz, and in this climate it is good to support people you know, and Frank is really one of the nice guys....

There were 7 of us and we had a brilliant night, it was the great to just go out and have a few drinks with the people you work with, the was only one rule, no talk of the recession, this was strictly adhered to, and anyone who mentioned it was not allowed a drink for half an hour, so strangely enough there wasn't even a peep about it. Frank came over and joined the group for a while, and got us all a drink on the house, nice one Frank...I decided to stop off at the Fitz on the way home cough cough, spun €150 up to €750, lol drunken poker, lol, head in tatters on the Saturday, there wasn't enough Alka-Seltzer in the world to help me

So in the Immortal words of Tommy Cooper
" I'm on a Whiskey diet, I've lost 3 days already"

Would you Adam and Eve it the following week, the boss phones me and arranges for an impromptu night out at Cruzzo's in Malahide for all the staff, we were all absolutely delighted by the gesture it was completely unexpected.... Nights out like these work out much better than something that is planned for months, but I'm afraid it was rinse and repeat with the Alka-Seltzer the following day.

Christmas shopping day - shudder
It started out like a military operation, myself and Martin headed to Blanchardstown, full of vigour and enthusiasm, but Christ by 12, the will to live had drained out of the both of us, and we started to develop flu like symptoms lol. The day started at 9 a.m. and we were finished by 4 p.m. , we had walked Blanchardstown shopping centre, then to liffey valley, then Dunne's in Charlestown and finally, to kill us off completely a little trip to Musgraves....

Christmas Day - It went really well, went down to Martins Mam and Dad, who live in Newbridge now, and had a really relaxing day. Got some lovely presents, and had a good time (shockingly) because I don't do Christmas very well.

Fitz End of Month Game St. Stephens Night
The numbers were down on this, which was to be expected with people away for Christmas etc., but it still got 70 + runners which is not too bad. Played like a handbag, and then some Geebag , sorry person took my bleedin coat..... Grrrrrr.... it wasn't even that nice.... ah well....

Celtic Poker Tour Game Dundalk - Monday 28th December

Decided to head to this, the structure looked good, and there is always a good mixture of players. It was €120 with 1 re-buy of €50 10K starting stack + 1K bonus chip + 15K for the top-up 7K guaranteed. I knew it was under new Management, and I recognised the 2 lads involved with it. Wasn't sure about the numbers but it got 82 runners in the end, there wasn't many people I knew at it, Damien Kent, but I recognised a few faces. There were a lot of northern aggressive players there, but I seemed to be getting a lot of respect with my raises etc., which made a nice change lol. I didn't start too good, when my AK ran into quad jacks on a J 10 Q board, J on turn, sigh, so I got my re-buy early, but still managed to have 23K at the break. The usual food was on the break, deep fried this, wedges etc., not good for the waistline.... but it's Christmas so I have a few chicken thingies.... also I was starving.....

After the break, I got a great run of cards and got my stack up to 56K easily, only to run my AJ into set of 7's on an AJ7 board... I recovered from this.. I found that there was alot of limping into pots, as there was alot of players who "liked to see a flop" with a wide variety of shitty hands, I did a few buttton raises to punish said limpers, there were a few stubborn ones, but generally my raises got respect.... I then entered the phase of the game, the familiar phase, where I go card dead, and a really aggressive young player got moved to my left, with a mountain of chips.... If in doubt he just went all in,

I somehow managed to get to the final table, a place I haven't been to in a while, so it felt great. I also got a voucher for €100 for being the last women left in the tournament, lol..... silly prize but I took it all the same. I was critically short stacked at the final table, but a few all in's and I was back in the game. The chip leader Peter McGowan, was to my left which meant that people generally left my blinds alone which was great. I got a double up when my 6's naturally crushed pocket Jacks.... You have to get lucky at least once... and the players started to fall thick and fast. I ended up heads up against Peter with 800K V his 1.4Million in chips, there were a few hands, of raising and folding until I picked up JQ and raised, he shipped and I thought heads up it was a standard enough call, He had A10 and that's all she wrote.

I got €1,950 + a ticket worth €250 for the 25K Guaranteed game at the clonmel coursing festival, and a teeshirt... It felt like Christmas again, but I was absolutely shattered, it was 5.00 a.m. when I headed back home on the M1.... I was delighted to actually play well for a change and to make a final table, had nearly forgotten what the feeling was like. The other strange thing that happened is that I actually enjoyed playing the game, a feeling I haven't had in such a long time.


This is the time of year I usually write down my new years resolutions, but to be honest it just depresses me when I look back at it... so I'm not going to bother my hole.... so there...

Happy new Year one and all, and remember, treat people nicely at the Poker Table.... even if they crack your Aces with 5 8 off suit ....

Tuesday 1 December 2009

An Update, it's been a while

Well what have i been up to.... To be honest, nothing much. My weight loss has entered that stubborn stage, you get so far, and then it refuses to budge. In fairness my intake of alcohol over the last few weeks hasn't helped much. I decide enough is enough basically and have increased my training schedule, so hopefully I will see big changes soon, need to get some pounds off before we hit the Festive binging.


Fitzwilliam Festival

Super Satellite - Wednesday 25th November
Decided to head in and play this. It was a€50 + €5 buy-in for 3K in chips, unlimited re-buys
for first 3 levels + top up of €50 for 5K in chips.
My stack was down to 400 in the second hand. Practically everyone at my table limps into me on the Button and I join the limpfest with 8c 10c
Flop comes down Jh Qc 4c So I have a flush draw and gut shot straight draw. everyone checks, I check to get a free card
Turn is beautiful 9d. I check, guy utg bets 400, other guy folds,
I re-raise to 1600 he instacalls....mmm
river is 10 d and he goes all in... great balls of puck
I call to be shown K J off suit , nice catch sir.

I'm down to 400 in chips, but am determined not to re-buy, and get that back up to 1,650 by the Break, get my top up and come back with 6,650 and blinds starting at 100 200, so plenty of play. There is an English guy to my right who I kind of recognise, but don't know his name, but realised after the break that it was Paul Parker, I had seen him at a few of the festivals. He said that he had started getting the Fitzwilliam monthly Newsletter by email and heard about the festival so was coming over to play in it. He is a very funny guy, who was also introduced to the Chief, who arrived at our table, with a big stack announcing that "we were all ABC players, and ya need kahunas and aggression to win in this game".... lol the face on Paul Parker with a couple of the Chiefs famous comments, was priceless.

I eventually knocked the chief our when I made a dodgy call with As7s from the BB, when he shoved for 9,300, blinds are 400 800 and im sitting on about 42K at this stage, he had lost a big race previously, and was pushing everytime it was folded to him, I was up against Qc9c
I flopped top pair with the nut flush draw and got my flush by the turn..

I never really was in any kind of trouble after that and easily secured a ticket, unfortunately I knocked out the guy on the bubble with AA v his AQ all in pre-flop, unlucky for him.
There were 9 tickets at €540 and 10th was €440 in tournament credits.
When we got 10 handed it was decided that we all put a tenner to the kitty to make up the final ticket, no problem there.

Fitzwilliam End of Month Game
was in two minds whether or not to play this, as there is was a hectic day ahead of me in work on Friday, but I headed home got a bit of a sleep in and then headed myself and Martin headed to the game. I was expecting a bigger than normal crowd because

(A) it was part of the Fitzwilliam Festival and
(B) the 10K starting stack would add a little bit to it.

All previous records were broken, and 158 people playing in the tournament, WOW. The place was full to the rafters, the staff did an amazing job feeding and watering everyone. I had Tom Hanlon on my left for most of the night, which was pretty shitty to be honest, very nice guy, just way too good a poker player...The game itself was pretty standard for me, got no hands, get short stacked push and fold mode hits in, out in 30ish place.... meh.

Friday night Scalps Game
This game got 68 runners, pretty much rinse and repeat from the Fitz E.O.M. game, I had the worst timing ever, if I picked up a decent enough hand, I raised and then got re-raised by Dara O'Kearney, I folded 88 face up and he kindly showed me jacks. Guy to my right thought it was a good fold, but to be honest, Dara knows im a tight enough player, and he is not re-raising light there. Anyway guy to my right, is a fitz regular, northern guy, was playing a psp while playing in the tournament, how sick is that, I played a hand really badly against Rob Taylor that did the damage, and because I'm such a nice person, I decided to ship my remaining stack over the line with KQ and run into his Aces, again great timing Colette......

Main Event
The Main Event got 113 runners, which was fantastic, and I was delighted for everyone involved, however I certainly was not delighted when I saw my starting table, I had Michael Muldoon on my left, Dermot Blain was also there, and Goran to my right... The main event, was a complete non event, I had utter and complete Card death, hung on until I decided that Rory brown didn't have a King on a K 8 2 board, and shipped by Ad8d.... again perfect timing Colette, because nop he didn't have a king, he had 2 of the feckin things.......and got quad kings on the turn, doh.....

Was going to head in on Sunday, but to be honest I had been in the Fitzwilliam every evening since Wednesday, so the wine and XFactor results show won.... Oh on a side note went to see
Law Abiding Citizen on Sunday morning, that's 108 minutes of my life I won't get back.... Utter and complete shit...

So it's the 1st December, and we head into the Festive Season,
there I said it, in big bold bleedin letters, I absolute detest it.....the only good thing is that 2010 cannot be as bad, can it?????

Wednesday 30 September 2009

September - Sunshine/Swimming and Wodkas

I'm in fully countdown to my holidays... God September dragged by, I mean it was the longest month ever, I was really under a lot of pressure in work, and sometimes it's hard to switch off at the weekend... It is something that I am going to have to work on, or elseI'm gonna go go stone mad ted. Don't get me wrong, I'm delighted to still have a job, especially working in a Construction Company in this economic turmoil with the future looking so uncertain for everybody.... I wonder will we all look back at this in 2-3 years and have a good laugh about it,mmmm I very much doubt it. I have been working on my fitness a bit more, even though my back has been giving me a bit of trouble, so it has been good.I'm down another few pounds which is brilliant, can really feel it now in my clothes, and my energy levels are much better.


4th September - Schalps game in the Fitz
Myself and Martin Headed into play in this - Good crowd 70 + runners. Had a nice steak (with salad of course), god they do the nicest steaks and at a good price too. Gave my stack to Jude with AK VJJ all in pre-flop... The flop started well with A A 2 blank on turn and badda bing Jack on river, lol .. I went downstairs but was not really in the humour for cash, and Martin got out of the Omaha game, and we headed home, because the vodka was there mmmm vodka, as the great comedian Tommy Cooper once said "Im on a vodka diet, ive lost 3 days already".

19th September Christopher Connolly Memorial Trophy - Voodoo Club 7.00 p.m.
I had been cutting down big time on playing cards, because I felt I was getting a bit bored with the whole thing, but I certainly had to go to this in the Voodoo Club. It was a very worthy cause, and have alot of time for the Eamonn and Willow. We headed in a bit early and had a bit of food in one of Franks (a fitz regular) restaurant's Chaiyo in 100 Baggot Street. There was an early bird special for €18.50 a head for a good selection of starters, main courses and dessert. which was really quite excellent value. I had the Red Thai Curry which was hot hot hot.... butDelicious .. We headed into the Voodoo Club, Martin got to the final table, but alas I never really got going in the game, but not to worry, there was always Ryan's Bar, next door, so after a few Vodkas I hit the cash tables, but never really got above my initial buy-in. The numbers were a little disappointing but I think that is the sign of the economy at the moment, numbers are down everywhere. We had a great night, and the staff were excellent as usual.

Fitzwilliam E.O.M. Tournament Thursday 24th September

Headed in to play in this, I was interested to see if the numbers would be effected by the Arthur Guinness Day, it was down a bit, but not too many. My table had a maniac on it who raised big every hand, called re-raises if he limped, couldn't get a handle on him at all, and he was of course turning up monsters like K5 clubs and such like. Ollie boyce was at my table as well, which usually ends in tears for one of us, but this time, Mr. Maniac did the damage, sigh. I played some cash for a while, and what do you know, Olly's at my tableas well, lol . I managed not to go broke with set over set, and anytime I flopped a set, my opponent stayed with anything from a 10 high flush to a Jack high flush and always got there on the river, I left the table €300 up, which I was happy with, but if one of my bigger hands had held up I would have been + 1K for the night. Martin had a bit of profit in his cash game aswell. Headed home about 1.30 a.m. I actually enjoyed playing cards tonight, so am really looking forward to Killarney.

Friday 25th September - schalps
Bubble girl for this, out in 10th , when I couldn't improve with AK V 77 all in pre-flop sigh....
I actually announced that I reckoned I would be the bubble with 17 left.... just got the feeling

Saturday 26th - €125 game Fitzwilliam
I came 2nd in this for €900 euro happy days, I called the chief down with King high which was good, got a good tongue lashing by him for calling, but I thought he was taking a stab at the pot, I was right, hero calls are great.... As the chief is giving me a bit of grief a french player (lol) decided to come to my rescue, and said that it was a great call etc., etc and then the chief and the french guy have a bit of verbals,

two hands later I get QQ in ep and raise to 350 (Blinds 50, 100) the chief throws out 300 (Not seeing my inital raise), and has to call my raise, but cannot re-raise.
Flop comes down Qh 9H 8d, I bet out 600, he calls, turn is As, I bet out 1,200 he smooth calls,
At this stage I reckon well if he has K 10 he would have told me before this so I put him on a flush or straight draw, river is a brick and I bet out 3.5k, he mumbles that he played the hand so bad, and let me catch up on the turn.... and calls and turns over KK . when I showed my hand the french player starts slamming the table announcing at the top of his voice "well played, great play" trying to rile the chief. The french player then says to me that he knows my face from somewhere. I asked him if he played the IPO last year, he did, so it was probally the guy who slowrolled me double lol....

Few hands later the french player min raises (is a minraise always Aces) and I look down at 9 7 sooooted and call. Flop comes downa beautiful 6 8 10 with 2 hearts, I check and he bets twice the size of the pot (lol) I shove and he instantly calls showing 2 black Aces.... He went away happy, because the previous hand he had knocked the Chief out. By the time the blinds were 300 600 I had 26K from the starting stack of 7.... I went completely card dead after that though and had to pick spots to get chips, I eventually got heads up but could not come back from a 4:1 chip defecit, €900 for 2nd was good though, and it was great to get to a final table again, felt I played better than I have in a long time, so hopefully coming into a bit of form for Killarne

Im heading down to Killarney in the morning, to play in the Ladbrokes Killarney Game, and I can't wait to be honest... When I get back from my Holidays I will do up a report, hopefully we will both get a good run in the game.



Monday 24 August 2009

Team Championship of @Poker in Citywest

The Fitzwilliam Card club very kindly paid for a team into this event, and what a team

Colette "the Smurph" Murphy
Pat "smiley" Vickers
Stewy "what you gonna do"
Jimmy "Iceman" Wan
Paddy "The Dyson" Hicks
Barry "Cool Glasses" Donavan

I had arranged to meet the gang on Thursday in the Fitz, to get teeshirts and talk team tactics, eh which lasted about 5 seconds, lol. The structure for this event was very impressive, and it had Jp McCann's stamp all over it, so we met on Friday at 6.30 p.m. Martin came out and took a picture of the motly crew. To be honest I struggled the whole way through this tournament. Paddy Hicks unfortunately went early when his two pair was cruelly beaten by a flush on the river, followed rapidly after the dinner break by Barry Donavan. I was at a tough enough table, with a maniac super super super aggressive player. He raised practically every pot, and I fell into the trap of trying to play pots with him, but when you run good and crack KQ and KJ with K4 for 2 pair etc., there is no contest really. I eventually got shortstacked and got my KQ all in Versus Jacks, so team Fitz were down by 3 by day one, sigh.

The remaining lads did the Fitz really proud, and Jimmy Wan made the final table going out in 6th. Stewie went out cruelly 77 V A2 all in, 2 2 9 Board and pat Ran Ac7c into an aggressive player with pocket 10's..

It was a great event, first big team event that I played in and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Roll on next years event, once again a big thank you to the Fitzwilliam Card Club for putting a team in.

Thursday 20 August 2009

Vera - What a Lady

Vera Duffy's Birthday Bash Sporting Emporium

Myself and Martin headed into this. After last years Event , we were hoping for a less contraversy at this one. It was really great to see the Sporting full, met up with a few faces we hadn't seen in a while. My starting table had the obligatory "All in on the Venetian", with the Re-buy's at €10 a pop, it was going to be fast and furious... I managed to have 8 re-buys and a top-up , which strangely enough im actually quite proud of. I somehow managed to luckbox my way to 11K stack by the break including my top-up.. Martin was motoring along aswell so happy days all round. Managed to get my re-buy money back in the 2 Kaluki games on the break, so I think I was completely break even by the end of the night.

The game obviously changed after the break and turned into quite and interesting game of cards. Martin was knocked out in a terrible cooler hand where he flopped a set of 8's and his opponent, turned a higher set....

The turnout for the tournament was very good
113 runners.
444 Rebuys/Top-ups.
Total Prize pool : €8,700 (€2,000 added by Vera's husband Kevin).

1st Prize : €2,000.

Our table got broken up and I got moved to one with alot of chips... I was hovering around the 18K mark, with blinds at 800 1600 I raised to 4K in mid position with 78soooted as you do and a player ships his 10K stack over the line.... "hand in cookie jar moment"... I was getting 2.5/1 on my money, and reckoned I definitely had live cards and called, he turned over pocket kings...

2 6 8 flop
8 on the turn and I luckboxed myself out of that jam... I worked my stack nicely from there up to 70K when I get crippled, trying to be cute. Guy to my right raises to 5K in ep (blinds 1k 2k), I look down at pocket Queens and flat call, another calls and so does Tom Kitt on the Button.
flop comes down 8c 9c 2x,
Original raiser checks
I check
Player bets 8K, Tom Kitt re-raises to 18K, original raiser folds and I re-shove and tom calls with bottom set, and I pass over 50K to him, sigh... I could have re-raised the initial raiser but felt that I would be nearly turning my hand over as a monster, anyway took my chance and got crushed.... At least my chips went to the eventual winner.

My exit hand the very next hand I look down at Ah Kd and push my 25K over the line and get inst-called by Ad 5d... at least the dealer made it relatively pain free for me and had me drawing dead by the turn... ah well...

Great night of poker, few glasses of wine, good fun and a bit of banter....